Over 30 years Experience as Paper Merchants & Converters

About Us

CT Paper Sales Ltd is an independent, family-owned merchant and converter, offering a complete range of confidential and professional services to its customers.

Our position within the marketplace allows us to offer a diverse portfolio of products and services, both web and sheets to a vast and varied customer base, not only as a merchant but also as a trade converter. We have the facility to produce just in time deliveries in both web and sheets from our extensive stockholding.

An independent merchant converter established for over 30 years.

Our philosophy is to provide the very best in everything we do, ranging from the products we sell to our customer service. We supply an extensive range of quality products and are constantly upgrading and investing in new technology

We have a committed and proactive attitude when it comes to dealing with customers, nothing is too much trouble.

Our products are supplied to a large and varied customer base including; commercial print, publishing and print management.

Our converting equipment includes Pasaban mill rewinder, Autotorque rewinder, Stracken Henshaw sheeter.